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Academy of Management Journal 2009 Best Paper Award | Print |

Academy of Management Journal 2009 Best Paper Award

The mission of the Academy of Management Journal is to publish empirical research that tests, extends, or builds management theory and contributes to management practice. 

The AMJ Best Paper Award embodies this mission by recognizing outstanding articles that make strong empirical and theoretical contributions and highlight the significance of those contributions to the management field.  

Award Committee: Robert Baron (Chair), Tima Bansal, Michael Hitt, Alan Meyer, Nandini Rajagopalan, Anne Tsui                                                                               

 The finalists for the award are

Kathleen M. Eisenhardt and Pinar Ozcan; "Origin of alliance portfolios: Entrepreneurs, network strategies and firm performance”  

Melissa E. Graebner; “Caveat venditor: Trust asymmetries in acquisitions of entrepreneurial firms” 

Elaine C. Hollensbe, Glen Kreiner and Mathew L. Sheep; “Balancing borders and bridges:  Negotiating the work-home interface via boundary work tactics” 

Elaine_Hollensbe_AMJ_Finalist Kathleen_Eisenhardt_AMJ_Finalist Matthew-Sheep-AMJ-Finalist
Elaine C. Hollensbe Kathleen M. Eisenhardt Mathew L. Sheep
Pinar_Ozcan_AMJ_Finalist KREINER-AMJ-Finalists Melissa-Graebner-AMJ-Recipient
Pinar Ozcan Glen Kreiner  Melissa E. Graebner


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