2010 Academy of Management Annual Meeting
Montréal, Canada - August 6-10
Dare to Care: Passion & Compassion in Management Practice & Research


Dare to Care: Passion1 and Compassion2 in Management Practice and Research3

The economic crisis that erupted in mid-2008 made evident the ways in which many corporations and their managers have paid inadequate attention to many stakeholders, including not only employees, customers, suppliers, the communities, and the environment, but also their shareholders. The crisis also challenges management researchers to consider whether our research and the knowledge we produce contribute to the wellbeing of the larger society in which we live and work. The theme of the 2010 Academy of Management Meeting in Montréal, Canada, is to dare managers and management scholars to care more deeply about our roles – to have passion about what we do and compassion for the people for whom we do our work. “Dare to care” orients managers to a focus on enabling others to create, produce, and deliver goods and services that enhance the wellbeing of, and generate value for, all the stakeholders involved (notably customers, employees, investors, and the public). Daring to care encourages management scholars to expand their focus toward an understanding of how solving organizational problems might ensure a sustainable future. Daring to care is a call to return to our roots and to remember that the role of management is one of integration in all senses of the word – integrating the interests of all parties and integrating passion for one’s work with compassion for others impacted by one’s work.

Online Program
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The 2010 Annual Meeting Program is NOW available!

With 7231 total submissions organized into 1801 sessions, and with over 8000 program participants representing close to 80 countries, the 2010 Annual Meeting Program promises to be as exciting as ever! 

Peruse the online program now to search for sessions by division, interest group, hotel, date, orientation, and build your own customized program.  Please be sure to look at the featured All-Academy sessions, including the Presidential Address: Embracing the Sacred in our Secular Scholarly World, also appearing in the Academy of Management Review, Volume 36, Number 2, April 2011.

For a quick reference guide as to where each division program is located and where some of the main sessions are, please click on the Meeting Overview menu.

Theme Magazine

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To celebrate the theme of the 2010 program and through the support of the Montreal L'Itinéraire Group, we have published a special theme-related AOM L'Itinéraire Magazine. It features all theme-related activities in Montreal including program chairs' selection of theme-related PDW and scholarly sessions. Please browse the magazine for interesting activities and events in the AOM meeting and in the city of Montreal.

Changes to Paper Session Format

New and Enhanced Elements in the 2010 Program

In the spirit of continuous improvement and innovation, we will introduce several new and enhanced elements at the 2010 meeting in Montreal. These enhancements are for the Scholarly Program on Monday and Tuesday. In particular, the Visual Village and the Interactive paper sessions will be discontinued. The Scholarly Program will now consist of six different types of sessions:  (1) Divisional Presentation Paper sessions; (2) Divisional Roundtable Paper sessions; (3) Cross-Divisional Paper sessions; (4) Discussion Paper sessions; (5) Divisional and Co-sponsored Symposium sessions; (6) Caucus sessions

Montréal Compassion

2010 Compassion Project...YWCA

This year's service project challenges all AOM members to "Dare to Care" by displaying passion for one of Montréal’s oldest community organizations and compassion toward its cause. The YWCA Montréal has had an integral role in Montréal life, supporting and encouraging women and families of all ages, cultures and religions since 1875. To participate in the service project you can:

Give something

  • donate business, fiction and children's books for YWCA families and entrepreneurs
  • donate gently used women's clothing for women re-entering the workforce
  • drop off your Canadian change before returning home
  • donate directly to the YWCA on their main donation page (indicate you are an AOM member!)

Buy something

  • buy a memorable Dare to Care conference t-shirt, displaying the AOM and YWCA logos
  • buy a leaf for the Dare to Care AOM / YWCA wall

Learn something

  • engage with YWCA volunteers at Service Project Grand Central
  • share ideas with local Montréal entrepreneurs at the “Sustaining Business” PDW (Saturday, August 7, 11:30AM - 3:30PM, Hyatt Regency, Alfred-Rouleau C)
To learn more about the Service Project, visit the Montréal Compassion website.